Back in 2002, I had decided that I wanted to play flyball but realized that I was missing an important part of the equation – the dog! Therefore, I purchased Nitrous in August of 2002. Seeing he was the first flyball dog that I had ever trained, I spent the next year asking daily "How do I get him to ….." or "How do I fix …." questions. Thanks to everyone’s patience, Nitrous started playing and I learned a lot. He is now eleven years old and spends his time playing on Veterans. He is a very happy dog who will even go out of his way to create new and interesting ways to play flyball. One of his greatest tricks is hitting the box and letting the ball fly through the air. That way, he can chase the ball around a little before he returns to me. When he does return he always has this "Wasn’t that great Mom?" look in his face. He and that look are priceless.