Bonnie Deschenes - Team Captain

Dogs: Slash, Pinch, Razor, Shiva, Juice, iPOD, Snake, & Idgie

(Captain of RE-) Although Bonnie has a "real" job at Pfizer, most of her energy goes into the Flyball team and the training of her dogs. Her goal has always been to have a club that was very competitive... with a lot of hard work and a GREAT group of team members, we have managed to improve immensely, but in Bonnie’s eyes, we are still not even close to done! Bonnie has an annoying habit of changing her mind and training techniques approximately every 30 seconds until she figures out what works best. In her spare time she enjoys running,  hiking, playing frisbee and swimming with her dogs.

John Deschenes

Dogs: Slash, Pinch, Razor, Shiva, Juice, iPOD, Snake, & Idgie


The Hottest Sexiest Bald man around!! Pfizer Technician by day- obsessed with golfing and now his latest obsession, Flyball. Well, let me see- he is VERY competitive, (I think he is Dan's brother- same Father perhaps?) just a quieter voice about it than say, Bonnie or Dan....John is always looking for a "better/faster" way...once they are trained of course- don't make him do the hard stuff because he aint gonna! He's only critical of himself, never of Bonnie (he doesn't want to die) or anybody else. His humor is dry and demented so just get used of it- it will not change! He can fix or build anything but if you want it done quickly, don't ask John. John is a HUGE asset to the team!

Shannon Maeurer

Dogs: Phantom, Banshee, VooDoo, Shrek & Grizzly


Head Veterinary Technician by day- Border Collie/Border Staffie Fanatic by night! You name it; she has it...and then some. Will also do anything for you at any given time and may even do things for you that you didn't even ask for or may not even want! Shannon has a heart of gold, very anal, but very valuable in every aspect of the team. She's usually already doing what Bonnie plans on doing! Bonnie is forever saying to Shannon, I don't know yet, I haven't gotten that far! :-)

                                                   Stephanie Streletz

Dogs: Punch, Pippa, Crush & Touka


Harvard University administrator by day- all about the dogs anytime else. Having never owned a dog but dreaming of Golden Retrievers, Stephanie knew she wanted to get involved in a dog sport, but which one? After some searching, Stephanie was introduced to flyball and was instantly addicted. Getting her start on Boston Stragglers, she moved onto a faster pace with Ruff Enuff. What a wild ride it has been so far! Stephanie races her goofy Golden, Kai, her Border Collie, Dash and Punch (BorderWhippet) her newest addition to the brood. She also competes with all of her dogs in Dock Diving and works as a Therapy Dog team with Kai. Stephanie is loud, sarcastic, less than subtle and often laughing at you not with you!

Melissa Wilkinson

Dogs: Jigger & Blitz

Mel has been playing Flyball for many years. She was innocently sucked in and became instantly addicted. Although she is extremely competitive, she also just loves to spend time with her dogs and her team. Currently she spends her days as an Animal Control Officer and her nights as an EMT but always finds times for training and fun with her dogs in between. Mel also enjoys hiking, biking and cooking.




Sue Bonofiglio

Dogs: StingRay!, Win, Falcon, & Hollywood

Sue has been training dogs since she was a kid and harnessed up her first terrier cross to her toy wagon for some mushing. Many moons later she still loves terriers and still hooks them up for some Bike-joring and Ski-joring. Sue has dabbled in just about every dog sport out there but none are as enticing as Flyball. She started her flyball career with Hunter her then 5 yr old JRT after being dragged to tourney’s and practice with husband Joe and his then BC Echo. Enjoying a sport the whole family could do together they have become quite addicted.  Sue spends a few hours a day working as a research scientist at Tufts Veterinary School to help support their habit.



                                                             Joe Bonofiglio


Dogs: StingRay!, Win, Falcon, & Hollywood

Joe began his flyball career back in 2001 with his rescue border collie Echo. Joe and Echo chose flyball as their "dog sport of choice" after trashing one too many agilty courses due to Echo's over-enthusiasm. Once hooked on the sport, there was no turning back. He got his wife involved with her JRT and the rest is history. They now have a herd of dogs and travel all over the country (and Canada) playing the sport they all love.

                                                          Kim Wildowsky


Dogs: Timber, Pig & Ziva

Jacinta Solano

Dog: Ado

Canine enthusiast, Lab Animal Technician, loves to learn about dog stuff. Enjoys competition, beer and Nikita (even though her dog runs faster for him). Border Collie snob.