Blitz is a two year old Border Collie.  Even though she has yet to make her Flyball debut, she is very dedicated to the sport.  She is known to her family as the dirty dog or little piggy because she loves to dig and roll in the mud, as well as anything stinky.  She doesn’t seem to likes baths, but must love them because she “asks” for one on a regular basis.  She is a bit on the submissive side and always enjoys a good game of Frisbee as well working on her scenting.  Although a little on the blonde side, she loves to challenge her brain.  She loves to play with her chickens, and loves to chase and stalk the cats, but, a friend to all living things, if she catches up to one she lets it go without incident so she can chase it again.  At night, a long cuddle with a human makes her content