If anyone ever asked me what I thought about a Border/Staffie 8 years ago, my answer would have been.. are you serious, who would do such a mix!  Boy, was I wrong!  After meeting several and having 3 on my team, I decided they are a wonderful mix and definitely needed to rethink my original opinion.  Banshee is everything that I would want in a Border/Staffie.... she is sweet, SMART, and a whole lot of dog wrapped up into a little package.  She is coming along great with her flyball training, and is also excelling in Freestyle Frisbee. She has made my 11 year old lab mix her best friend, which has made Baloo very happy.  Her favorite past time however is leaping from 10 feet away, landing on your head and then licking you to death, which I now know is one of the fantastic Border/Staffie traits! Banshee is a blast to play with and wants to do anything I want to try with her!